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Sorry this news is out of date, we will be updating very soon:) We have launched a new Spring 2011 e-newsletter.

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Technomads - turning the media on its head

We are currently applying to Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Esmee Fairbairn for funding to design and present a dvd. This dvd will showcase creative talent and ideas from the new Traveller community. We aim to present it to teachers in schools and colleges so they can use it in Citizenship studies.

Both applications are at the second stage meaning we have already given an extensive outline to get through the first stage, both organisations have funded the Charity before so whilst we think we are in with chance, it is an outside chance for 2 main reasons;

  1. New Travellers are a very unpopular cause, and

  2. The recession has made fundraising ten times more competitive than it was a couple of years ago.

The three year project we want to carry out aims to tackle social exclusion head-on. We believe New Travellers just like anyone else should be able to contribute towards a fair and just society; the project will include;

  • Art workshops for young people on Traveller sites(including interactive media)

  • Creating multimedia resources for schools and colleges so what they learn about New Travellers is what New Travellers want them to know. We propose to create a portal on our website and a DVD which can be used as part of the National Curriculum(Citizenship)

  • Personal presentation of the material across the UK to Citizenship students especially at Diploma level.

If you have children or young people that may like to take part or you would like to learn to make presentations please do let us know so we can incorporate you into our proposals. Also if you would like to write us a letter showing your support for the project that would help too- especially if you can highlight any evidence of how this approach is needed. There is no guarantee that our application will be successful but it’s got even less chance if not well planned so...thank you for your time reading this and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please register your interest as soon as you can, this will help us in our bid for the funding and give us ideas on where everyone is that wants to be involved.

Registration of Interest

The Registration of Interest form shows the workshops we would like to offer and our recommended age groups for each one.

We have also listed proposed dates that we think are likely - this is not definite as we can’t actually plan dates without the funding!

Puppets (ages 4-7 and 8-12)
- this will involve making shadow, stick and glove puppets. Also writing scripts and shows/performances.

Digital Photography (ages 8-12 and 13+)
- self portraits and photographing important things in your life. or Making a calendar

Film making (ages 8-12 and 13+)
- three types of production –
What are the good things about your Traveller lifestyle? or.
How do you see Traveller culture in the future? or
Documenting the workshop progress to showcase young Traveller’s artwork.

Welding scrap metal sculptures (ages 8-12 and 13+)
- you collect scrap then the children learn to weld and make it into sculptures


6 March – 10 March ‘10
3 April – 7 April ‘10
8 May – 12 May ‘10
2 Oct – 7 Oct ‘10
30 Oct – 4 Nov ‘10
26 Nov – 3 Dec ‘10

The film editing work will take up more than just the above dates to complete. This will only be coordinated once the funding bids are secured. If you know young people who are particularly interested in learning film editing skills please do make sure we know. We may be able to offer accreditation for their work.

Download registration of interest forms here (Microsoft Word format)




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